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Will your product affect my vehicle's warranty?

No, our product makes no modifications to your vehicle in a detectable way. We recommend uninstalling the device if you require warranty work though. Just to be safe.


We take your safety seriously.

There is many levels of redundancy both in hardware and firmware as well as built in error checking happening tens of thousands of times every second in Velocity Performance Products Throttle Sensitivity Controller to ensure your safety.


Will your device work with my vehicle?

Likely, please take a look at our supported list. If your vehicle is not listed there, please contact us and we will verify if we can operate with your vehicle


Can I transfer the device to another vehicle or  can I reset the device to 100% stock?

Maybe, please check out our application list here. We recommend  also returning it to stock before moving it to protect the new vehicle. Do this by pressing both buttons on the device at the same time then releasing and the lights will start to "chase" again. The device will now be in factory mode and is then ready to be installed on a new vehicle.

If they do not start chasing hold both buttons down when all 5 LEDs are illuminated release the buttons (takes about 8 seconds).  The device will now be in factory mode and is then ready to be installed on a new vehicle


Will your device cause any extra wear on my vehicle?

Since our device does not actually modify the ECM and only adjusts the throttle curve within manufacturers tolerances, there is no additional wear beyond the vehicle's stock settings directly from the factory.


Does your device modify the vehicle's emissions?

NO! Our device makes no changes to your vehicle emissions and because of this to our knowledge does not violate any emissions laws in North America.


Do I need to turn on/off the device or set it every time I turn the vehicle on/off?

No! after the initial calibration the device will automatically turn on/off in the same state it last was in! Keep in mind, some vehicles will keep the ECM and related systems powered on for up to 10 minutes after turning the key off. Therefor our device will not turn off until the related systems are also offline.


Can I use your device in conjunction with a programmer/tuner?

Yes! But the use of these other products are at the users' own risk and will void your warranty if you are not careful. Our device will still operate alongside it if you choose to use one.


Immediately after installing your device, my check engine light turned on!

This is usually caused by the ECM system still being powered on when you unplugged your pedal, clear the codes and it should not come back on. You can clear the codes by unplugging your battery for 15-20 min or using a scan tool. We recommend disconnecting the battery from the vehicle before installation to ensure this does not happen.


Everything was fine for a while but now my vehicle is in LIMP mode! How do I fix this?

This can only really be caused by two things: (1) The connectors were not plugged in firmly after installation and a connection is intermittent, or (2) the vehicle was not let sit long enough for the ECM to enter quiet mode (depending on vehicle 5 - 10 mins).


What is your warranty?

We offer a 12-month warranty with proof of purchase and after some remote troubleshooting. Please contact us and we can work through it with you :)


My vehicle is idling high, how do I fix this?

Please reset it to stock  run the calibration routine again, this can be a problem if the device was not reset between vehicles as well.






If you are not impressed with the additional power you feel with the Velocity Performance Products Throttle Sensitivity Controller, within 30 days of purchase date you can return for a full refund from us. Simply contact us via online chat on our website and tell us the reason and give us the chance to troubleshoot any problems. If your still not satisfied we will issue you a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number. All you need to do is return the device (prepaid with tracking) and with proof of purchase from us, and RMA Number, undamaged in original packaging and we will issue a full refund for the purchase price.



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