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4 Good Reasons to Buy Velocity Performance Products

4 Good Reasons to Buy Velocity Performance Products

The march of technology stops for no man, even in the automotive aftermarket. At one time you could change positions on your throttle linkage to change your fixed throttle curve on your vehicle but now you can do so much more with auxiliary electrical hardware!


What is the throttle sensitivity controller?

Simply put a throttle sensitivity controller applies a moving offset onto the signal coming from your throttle position sensor to trick the ECM into giving you more power and making the vehicle feel more responsive. All without making any changes to the engine itself and without effecting emissions systems.


Reasons for purchasing velocity performance products:

1. Tailored to your individual vehicle

Unlike our competition during installation you calibrate the device to your specific pedal/ECM to ensure you are getting the most out of your vehicle.

Our devices do not modify the engine itself so it can be made compatible with almost any vehicle on the market that uses a dual redundancy throttle system. This includes diesel, gas, Hybrid and future electric vehicles. If we currently do not list a model for your vehicle please contact us and we will happily see what we can do for you!

We currently support over 20,000 vehicle types! With more being added daily!

2. Convenient:

Since our device mounts right to your dash and can switch between 5 different sensitivity modes on the fly it allows you to go from burning rubber to towing with a simple push of a button.

3. Better performance:

Unlike some of our competitors, to better improve response we analyze the input from your pedal over ten thousand times per second! This results in an unparalleled level of control and throttle smoothness, allowing us to not only apply the curve but apply our carefully researched algorithms to the output the vehicles ECM as you press on your throttle.

4. Quality and ethics:

Our devices are manufactured, hand-assembled, programmed, calibrated tested and packaged in Canada. Numerous safety precautions, voltage protection and redundancy, as well as error checking, is built into every quality Velocity Performance Product. Bringing you the quality, power and performance you deserve.


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